NG 300 V 200 Series 10"


       Low Profile Reservoir Kit With Bulb Assembly As Required  

  5 Gallon
Low Profile Reservoir
 Available with:   10"Bulb

  TESTING OF THE D.I.R.® (Do-it-right) liquid chlorine dispenser has shown the D.I.R.® NG 300 V 200 chlorine dispenser provided a level of effluent chlorine residual that conform to NSF/ANSI standard 46 requirements. 

2" x 10" Bulb Assembly processes 2 ounces to 16 ounces of common household bleach (6% sodium hypochlorite) - per dosing cycle.  Bleach not included.
  Caution:  Always observe the manufacturers instructions and safety precautions on the chlorine bottle when handling liquid chlorine bleach.  Wear protective clothing and safety eyewear.
  Dosing rates were established to provide a constant residual at all times. 6% chlorine provides 2ppm per 100 gallons of potable water.  Check with your local regulatory agency for minimum chlorine residual requirements.
  An Installation Instruction/Owner's Manual is shipped with each chlorinator.

D.I.R.® is a registered trademark of D.I.R.® Manufacturing & Supply, Inc.
Patent #7879230  - Patent #7874462


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